"Unlocking your full physical potential this way will allow you to maintain your body to a higher standard as you age, greatly reducing your risk of injury and disease"

Body Movement Online Training Program

Reset is the first stage of the program where you go through an initial mobility assessment to determine your current level of injury risk prior to physical training. This indicates what injuries you are vulnerable to simply by revealing the mobility your joints don’t have and the positions your body can’t access. Upon completion, your program will then be structured based on the results of your assessment. If you are currently suffering from joint pain or discomfort, these early stages will likely highlight the cause of your symptoms and 95% of the time, eradicate them by amending the underlying issue. The mobility progressions in this program are essential to unlocking a pain free and well structured athletic physique. Too little mobility and we limit our capacity for movement. Too much mobility and we limit our capacity for strength. Both ends of this spectrum increase our risk of injury so having an optimal amount that maximises dynamic strength is key.

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Reintegrate is the second stage where you will begin actively utilising your joints and surrounding tissues (muscles/ligaments/tendons) through their full range of motion. As the name suggests, this is the integrative part of the program, re-establishing neural connections with previously inhibited or weakened muscles so that they function effectively. Well balanced and functioning muscles maintain joint integrity, improve your posture, reduce injury risk and enhance your physical output. The main problem areas are usually around the shoulders and hips with common dysfunctions such as scapula dyskinesia and gluteal inhibition. Both symptoms are a direct response to neuromuscular imbalances that will be addressed and corrected during this stage. In essence, the Reset and Reintegrate stages are the focus points for physical therapists when addressing pain, dysfunction and other neuromuscular issues.

The Reprogram Online Training System

Reinforce is the final stage where you fortify your progress by increasing the strength and conditioning of your physique. This is the fun part as the risk factors and compromising elements from the first two stages are no longer present. All the work under the hood has essentially been done and now it’s time to focus on the bodywork. As you advance through the exercise progressions, the aesthetics of your body will really start to come in to their own. Because your joints are all moving optimally, so too will your tissues, giving them a greater potential for lean mass gain, higher quality definition and optimal function. Your movement capacity will increase as well as your resilience and all your hard work will really start to be noticeable with the positive changes in your physique and performance. 

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Movement Quality

The Reprogram is comprised of unique exercises that express and compliment your body’s natural mechanisms for movement. This is the most important factor as many online training programs will sacrifice movement quality for convenience, scalability and entertainment value. By aligning exercises with the body's natural mechanics, you greatly reduce the risk of injury and target specific muscle groups more efficiently. This approach is far more sustainable, leading to improved athletic performance and long-term musculoskeletal health by minimising wear and tear on your joints and tissues.

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Movement Advancement

Movement advancement is key in order to increase the stimulus and adaptation placed on your neuromuscular system. Motor learning & neural adaptation often occur simultaneously and influence each other during the acquisition of new skills and movement patterns. This also allows you to understand why increasing the amount of weight to the same movement does not further neural adaptations. The increased loading may trigger muscular hypertrophy (mechanical adaptation) but does not increase your capacity for movement or improve reflexes.

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Equipment Needed

Gymnastic Rings
Pull-Up Bar
Floor Slider
Ab Wheel
Velcro Belt